Spirulina Powder Guide

Tips on Buying Spirulina in Philippines


Spirulina is a type of blue green algae which grows in very warm conditions naturally or it can be fresh water bodies in most parts of world. It has properties of algae as well as bacteria however it is classified in the in the category of cyanobacterium which gets its energy from the sun by the use of the process known as photosynthesis. It is therefore produced in controlled environment then removed and finally dried for human consumption. Hence to buy the best spirulina consider the following tips as discussed below.


Ensure you go for the one which is organic, this is because the ones that are certified organic tend to help in ensuring that it is produced by use of renewable resources that promotes either water or soil conservation. Also, you get assured that it is produced without using pesticides and fertilizers which are from ingredients that are synthetic. The ones used in production purposes must have been inspected by the government and fully certified to help in offering proper practices with good hygienic



Before buying ensure that they are clean free from heavy metals or they have not been exposed to radiations. Carry out this exercise before the usual process of buying one since it helps you to ensure that the product is not contaminated. Avoid buying the ones which comes from places like japan due to the high cases of radiations experienced which contaminate the supplements. Read on to learn more.


It is important to ensure that it has all the required components which benefit your body because of their nutritional content. Also, cases of interaction between the nutrients in the body. Therefore, if they miss in the supplement then you will lack important things like chlorophyll and carotenoids or useful minerals iron and also phycocyanin that help the body to be very healthy thus helping in boosting the immune system. Get some idea on where to buy spirulina.


Engage yourself in detailed research brand before you buy the food supplement spirulina. Truly there are many brands provided in the market it is advisable that you take your time to research on them or get the relevant information from articles which talks more about them, this will help you to easily understand them before buying in that at the end you purchase a very good product. Do not go for the cheaper brands available in the market, since they are of low quality and they will fail to have the safety measures as well as testing them as companies which are reputable. To get more tips on how to buy Spirulina, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aln0vO4BgpI.